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Complete List of Videos

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IDTitleUpload DateEvent Date
91 Rajiv Malhotra in Conversation with a Neo-Jewish Pseudo-Hindu on Hinduized Judaism,2017, Jan 92017, Jan 8
90 Rajiv Malhotra in Conversation with Shri Chamu Krishna Shastry2017, Jan 12016, Nov 18
89 Rajiv Malhotra at Bangalore Literature Festival - 20162016, Dec 252016, Dec 18
88 Rajiv Malhotra Dialogue with Dr. HR Nagendra, President VYASA, Bangalore2016, Dec 222016, Dec 22
87 Rajiv Malhotra In Dialogue with Prof R Vaidyanathan, IIM Bangalore 2016, Dec 212016, Dec 18
86 Rajiv Malhotra In Discussion with Swami Nithyananda2016, Dec 192016, Dec 19
85 Rajiv Malhotra In Conversation with Sonal Mansingh2016, Dec 112016, Nov 21
84 Talk on Swadeshi Indology at IGNCA, New Delhi. FB Live part 242016, Dec 92016, Nov 20
83 Times LitFest Delhi: How Will India Deal with President Trump2016, Dec 12016, Nov 25
82 Rajiv Malhotra in Conversation With General GD Bakshi2016, Nov 282016, Nov 27
81 Current State of De-colonizing is Incomplete - Rajiv at Lokmanthan Bhopal2016, Nov 182016, Nov 16
80 Rajiv Malhotra in Conversation with Dr. Nagaswamy, Eminent Archaeologist & Scholar. FB Live part 232016, Nov 172016, Nov 15
79 Rajiv Malhotra In Conversation with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. FB Live part 222016, Nov 162016, Nov 14
78 Knowing Hindu History: Rajiv Malhotra FULL Lecture, Duke University USA 2016, Nov 72009, April
77 Rajiv Malhotra's New Book — Academic Hinduphobia, Launched by Dr Subramanian Swamy 2016, Oct 292016, Jul 10
76 Lecture at Facebook HQ: Vedic Consciousness & it's Relation to Modern Technology. FB Live part 212016, Oct 202016, Oct 19
75 Rajiv Malhotra's Keynote Address at DCF Fundraiser in Los Angeles. FB Live part 202016, Oct 172016, Oct 16
74 Rajiv Malhotra: Dharma and Well-being - Event in New Jersey. FB Live part 192016, Oct 162016, Oct 15
73 Rajiv Malhotra in Conversation with Francois Gautier. FB Live part 182016, Oct 152016, Oct 14
72 Dialogue with Masters - Dr. Satyanarayan Das - List of videos 2016, Oct 3 2016, Oct 2
71 JNU Plenary 2016: Assimilation of Tradition & Modernity, Talk by Rajiv Malhotra2016, Sep 292016, Sep 28
70 Rajiv Malhotra in Chinmaya Mission, DC, 2016. FB Live part 172016, Sep 292016, Sep 27
69 In Conversation with Swami Nithyananda2016, Sep 192016, July
68 Rajiv Malhotra & Dr Subramanian Swamy in a Vibrant Live Broadcast on Strategic Issues. FB Live part 162016, Sep 112016, Sep 11
67 Dialogue with Masters - Yogi Amrit Desai- List of videos 2016, Sep 92016, Sep 1
66 Rajiv Malhotra Discusses Strategy for Kumbh Mela with Head of Akhada Parishad2016, Sep 32016, Jul 13
65 Recent Political Attacks in Hawaii Against Hinduism —Christianity's Violent Conquest of Pagans. FB Live part 152016, Aug 262016, Aug 26
64 New TV serial on Aryan/Dravidian Conflict is Incorrect & Politically Dangerous. FB Live part 142016, Aug 212016, Aug 21
63 Panel Discussion on Murty Classical Library - Part 22016, Aug 212016, Jul 8
62 Panel Discussion on Murty Classical Library - Part 12016, Aug 212016, Jul 8
61 The New MOHENJO DARO Movie, What is True & False About Its Depictions of History. FB Live part 132016, Aug 162016, Aug 16
60 How to Interpret the US Presidential Elections 2016 in terms of the Myth of American Exceptionalism. FB Live part 122016, Aug 152016, Aug 15
59Rajiv Malhotra: Harvard Video Proves Their Infiltration of Kumbh Mela2016, Aug 82016, Aug 7
58 Strategy of Infinity Foundation India & How it will Transform India. FB Live part 112016, Aug 82016, Aug 7
57Rajiv Malhotra and others in discussion on Pollock's position on Sastras2016, Aug 62016, Jul 7
56Rajiv Malhotra's comments and Q&A on "Death of Sanskrit" Thesis2016, Aug 32016, Jul 7
55Rajiv Malhotra on NewsX Channel: Hinduphobia, Breaking India forces & Kashmir problem2016, Jul 212016, Jul 19
54Rajiv Malhotra: Supreme Court Lawyer Monika Arora Explains Lawsuit Against Wendy Doniger’s Book2016, Jul 192016, Jul 10
53Rajiv Malhotra: Harvard Video Proves Their Infiltration of Kumbh Mela2016, Jul 172016, Jul 17
52Swadeshi Indology Conference - Closing Comments by Rajiv Malhotra2016, Jul 132016, Jul 8
51 Rajiv Malhotra: Keynote address at first ever 'Swadeshi Indology' Conference. IIT Madras. FB Live part 102016, Jul 62016, Jul 6
50 Keynote Address - International Yoga Day, Philadelphia. FB Live part 92016, Jun 252016, Jun 21
49 Rajiv: Q&A Broadcast—Our History is NOT a Myth. FB Live Part 82016, Jun 182016, Jun 18
48 Rajiv on Amazing Discoveries About Ancient India That Are Being Neglected. FB Live Part 72016, Jun 152016, Jun 14
47Rajiv explains How India Should Manage US Think Tanks, Universities, Seminaries. FB Live Part 62016, Jun 132016, Jun 11
46Kutumba Sastry, President International Association of Sanskrit Studies — Interviewed by Rajiv Malhotra. FB Live Part 52016, Jun 112016, Jun 10
45Rajiv Malhotra on MSNBC: A Different Kind of Black-Brown Coalition2016, Jun 92013, Feb 1
44Rajiv Malhotra on MSNBC: "Who is Bobby Jindal, really"2016, Jun 92013, Feb 1
43Rajiv Malhotra's Rejoinder to Kancha Ilaiah's Breaking India Activities, FB Live Part 42016, Jun 82016, Jun 7
42The Attack on Kumbh Mela - Rajiv Malhotra FB Live Part 32016, Jun 32016, Jun 2
41The Attack on Kumbh Mela - Rajiv Malhotra FB Live Part 22016, May 302016, May 29
40The Attack on Kumbh Mela - Rajiv Malhotra. FB Live Part 12016, May 272016, May 26
39Rajiv Malhotra on 'Analysis of the Kurukshetra'. Interviewed by Vijaya Vishwanathan2016, May 112016, May 9
38Rajiv Malhotra at MIT: 'The Force Awakens", April 2, 2016 (Download Audio)2016, Apr 242016, Apr 02
37Columbia University's Lecture/Q&A by Rajiv Malhotra: "Hinduism in Academia" (Download Audio)2016, Apr 242016, Apr 15
36Swami Harshananda (senior monk of RK Mission) blessings at Intellectual Kshatriya workshop(Download Audio)2016, Apr 102016, Jan 19
35How to be an intellectual kshatriya, by Rajiv Malhotra(Download Audio)2016, Apr 102016, Jan 19
34Q&A on The Battle For Sanskrit. Samskrita Bharati event in Delhi(Download Audio)2016, Mar 312016, Feb 04
33Rajiv Malhotra talk in Delhi Samskrita Bharati(Download Audio)2016, Mar 312016, Feb 04
32Bibek Debroy on "The Battle for Sanskrit"(Download Audio)2016, Mar 312016, Feb 04
31Dr Kutumba Sastry, President, International Association of Sanskrit Studies(Download Audio)2016, Mar 312016, Feb 04
30Prof P.N. Shastry, VC, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, discusses "The Battle For Sanskrit"(Download Audio)2016, Mar 312016, Feb 04
29Samskrita Bharati panel discussion in Delhi: "The Battle For Sanskrit"(Download Audio)2016, Mar 312016, Feb 04
28"The Battle For Sanskrit" discussed by Ramesh Pandey, VC of L.B.S. Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth(Download Audio)2016, Mar 312016, Feb 04
27Will Indian corporate leaders support Swadeshi Indology? Rajiv Malhotra interviewed by Devapriya Roy(Download Audio)2016, Mar 252016, Feb 03
26Kanchi Shankaracharya's devotees in USA discuss "The Battle For Sanskrit"(Download Audio)2016, Mar 252016, Mar 06
25Rajiv Malhotra in Ahmadabad: "Are Indian intellectuals free thinkers or colonized?"(Download Audio)2016, Mar 212016, Jan 26
24Rajiv Malhotra interviewed by young California enterpreneur, Balaji Srinivasan(Download Audio)2016, Mar 112016, Mar 11
23Delhi University's distinguished panel discusses THE BATTLE FOR SANSKRIT(Download Audio)2016, Feb 292016, Feb 02
22Removing the burqa from our minds Rajiv Malhotra's lecture & interaction in Bangalore (Download Audio)2016, Feb 262016, Jan 16
21Rajiv Malhotra darshan with Kanchi Shankaracharyas to discuss common interests (Download Audio)2016, Feb 212016, Jan 23
20Discussion on how Samskrita Bharati & Rajiv Malhotra can collaborate (Download Audio)2016, Feb 182016, Jan 28
19Jawaharlal Nehru University panel discussion on THE BATTLE FOR SANSKRIT, Feb 1, 2016 (Download Audio)2016, Feb 162016, Feb 01
18Ramakrishna Mission (Chennai) presents Rajiv Malhotra's talk/Q&A on: Sacredness and Sanskrit (Download Audio)2016, Feb 152016, Jan 23
17Rajiv Malhotra answering student questions at a Vedic gurukulam, Bidadi (Download Audio)2016, Feb 152016, Jan 13
16Art of Living: Lively discussion on THE BATTLE FOR SANSKRIT in Bangalore ashram (Download Audio)2016, Feb 142016, Jan 24
15Chinmaya Mission, Amish Tripathi & Rajiv Malhotra discuss "The Battle For Sanskrit" (Download Audio)2016, Feb 132016, Jan 30
14Sri Sri Ravi Shankar launches "The Battle For Sanskrit" in Art of Living Campus, Bangalore (Download Audio)2016, Feb 122016, Jan 24
13Zee News Interviews Rajiv Malhotra (Download Audio)2016, Feb 112016, Feb 05
12"Geopolitics & the study of Indian Civilization": A very large event at IIT Bombay (Download Audio)2016, Feb 072016, Jan 27
11Rajiv Malhotra in conversation with Madhu Kishwar on: THE BATTLE FOR SANSKRIT (Download Audio)2016, Feb 062016, Jan
10Rajiv Malhotra's encounter with the Indian Left at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Download Audio)2016, Jan 302016, Jan 29
9Roddam Narasimha & Mohandas Pai discuss "The Battle For Sanskrit" with Rajiv Malhotra (Download Audio)2016, Jan 282016, Jan 17
8"Taking back our heritage: My message to India's youth" at IIT Madras (Download Audio)2016, Jan 272016, Jan 22
7Reversing the Gaze (Purva-Paksha) on Western Indology, lecture at Karnataka Sanskrit University (Download Audio)2016, Jan 212016, Jan 16
6The Importance of Swadeshi Indology: Lecture and Q&A, by Rajiv Malhotra (Download Audio)2016, Jan 192016, Jan 15
5The Battle of Sanskrit (Download Audio)2016, Jan 192016, Jan 17
4World Sanskrit Congress 2015 (Download Audio)2015, July 072015, June 28
3Lecture 'Is our Sanskriti being distorted by the Americanization of Sanskrit Studies' at Sastra Univ (Download Audio)2015, Apr 282015, Feb 17
2Lecture on Dharma, Sanskrit & Science, Goa, Feb 26, 2015 (Download Audio)2015, Mar 132015, Feb 26
1Are Sanskrit Studies in the West becoming a New Orientalism? (Download Audio)2015, Mar 092015, Jan 29