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Complete list of Rajiv Malhotra articles

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Title of Articles
One World Interview: Rajiv Malhotra discusses his journey through science to Indic studies
'Dismantling Global Hindutva' and the American nexus of Hinduphobia – By Rajiv Malhotra
What the Buddhist translation project can teach Rohan Murty and the rest of us – By Rajiv Malhotra
The importance of protecting our gurus
Rajiv Malhotra’s responses to questions by a journalist
Key debates in the battle for Sanskrit
Insiders versus Outsiders: Who speaks for our heritage?
Why Sheldon Pollock is a very important Indologist to engage - By Rajiv Malhotra
Follow Up On Manusmriti To My Article In Outlook India
Rajiv Malhotra’s Interview with Rediff.com’s Arthur J Pais
Khobragade row: India must try good-cop, bad-cop approach with the US
India’s NGO racket of human trafficking
3 Indias at war: Sensex India, Maoist India, and Bharat
Is There An American Caste System?
Debate with Vijay Prashad
Dialog On Whiteness Studies
RISA Lila – 1: Wendy’s Child Syndrome
RISA Lila – 2 – Limp Scholarship And Demonology
Stereotyping Hinduism In American Education
The American Guilt Syndrome
The Asymmetric Dialog Of Civilizations
The Axis Of Neocolonialism
The Cartel’s Politics
The Cartel’s ‘Theories’
The Hijacking of Wharton
The Peer-Review Cartel
The Root Of India-Pakistan Conflicts
The ‘Western Only’ Curriculum
The Westernized Side Of My Background
Does South Asian Studies Undermine India?
Repositioning India’s brand
Problematizing God’s Interventions in History
Preventing America’s Nightmare
Myth of Hindu Sameness
Is Anthropology Of Western Culture By Others Banned?
INTERVIEW: Rajiv Malhotra on where his work fits within the Hindu tradition
Indian Thought Is Not Understood In America
India needs a win-win deal
Human Rights’ Other Face
How ‘Gandhara’ Became ‘Kandahar’
‘Holy Spirit’ is not the same as ‘Shakti’ or ‘Kundalini’
Geopolitics And Sanskrit Phobia
Gandhi’s Dharma and the West
America’s Last Chance
The Tiger and the Deer: Is Dharma being digested into the West?
A Different Kind of Hindu-Christian Dialogue
European Misappropriation of Sanskrit led to the Aryan Race Theory
A Hindu View of ‘Christian Yoga’
Tolerance Isn’t Good Enough: The Need for Mutual Respect In Interfaith Relations
The Whitewashing of Bobby Jindal
Difference With Mutual Respect: A New Kind of Hindu-Christian Dialogue
Dharma’s Good News: You Are Not a Sinner!
The Importance of Debating Religious Differences
How Evangelists Invented ‘Dravidian Christianity’
Civilizations of the Forest and Desert
Dharma Bypasses ‘History-Centrism’
Dharma and the new Pope
Response to WSJ Op-Ed Calling For Bible Education In Public Schools
What Indian Americans Can Learn During Black History Month
Is Karma-Reincarnation Compatible with Christianity?
Challenging Western Universalism
Hindu Good News
Response to the Doctrine of Sameness
Yoga: Freedom from History
Response to the Postmodernist charge of “Essentialism”
Gandhi: Quintessentially Different and Non-Digestible
Who is responsible for anti-India campaign in US?
Whiteness Studies And Implications For Indian-American Identity
Where is India in the Encounter of Civilizations?
We, The Nation(s) Of India
Hinduism In American Classrooms
Gita On Fighting Terrorism
The Conversion Agenda
Washington Post And Hinduphobia
A Business Model Of Religion – 2
A Dialogue With The Indian Left
A Business Model Of Religion – 1
Academic Hinduphobia
America Must Re-discover India
Order, Chaos and Creation
Harvard and the Indian Billionaires
Dharma is not the same as Religion
Where is the Home Team?
The Challenge Of Understanding Sheldon Pollock Part 1: How to make sense of Sheldon Pollock?
Purvapaksha: Has Shatavadhani Ganesh understood Pollock?
Tibetan Uprising Day Reminds Us
Traditional Knowledge Systems
Players and Priorities in the Kurukshetra
The Dave Freedholm Interview – Rajiv Malhotra
Why The Kumbh Mela Is At Risk
Crisis in American higher education: Pitfalls and Opportunities for India
The Death of Britain
It's Time To Counter Western And Islamic Mythmaking - Interview with Rajiv Malhotra
Where are the Pandavas who can provide Hindu leadership?
How India Should Deal With President Trump