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Newsletter: Jan 2021

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In January 2021, Rajiv Malhotra’s latest book “Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Power: 5 Battlegrounds” was released amidst much interest and enthusiasm from people across various domains spanning spirituality, military, industry and academia. This is a one of a kind book which highlights the current clash of technology and humanity, (or what the author refers to as the clash between Algorithm and Being), and tries to forecast what an AI-dominated future will look like for the world in general, and India in particular.

AI is only partially visible, just like an iceberg. To understand it fully, we must look beneath the surface. The positive side is that technology is making machines smarter. However, the deeper view explained in this book shows that AI is also making a growing number of people cognitively and psychologically dependent on digital networks. Artificial Intelligence is the brains bringing together quantum computing, nanotechnology, medical technology, brain-machine interface, robotics, aerospace, 5G, Internet of Things, and more. It is amplifying human ingenuity and disrupting the foundations of healthcare, military, entertainment, education, marketing and manufacturing.

The book argues that this AI-driven revolution will have an unequal impact on different segments of humanity. There will be new winners and losers, new haves and have-nots, resulting in an unprecedented concentration of wealth and power. After analyzing society’s vulnerabilities to the impending tsunami, the book raises troubling questions that provoke immediate debate: Is the world headed toward digital colonization by USA and China? Will depopulation become eventually unavoidable?

The book is a wakeup call to action, compelling public intellectuals to be better informed and more engaged. It educates the social segments most at risk and wants them to demand a seat at the table where policies on AI are being formulated.

The 5 Battlegrounds

Battleground 1: Economy, industry, education and jobs.

Battleground 2: Geopolitics and military – USA, China and India.

Battleground 3: The Moronization of the masses – bowing down to the digital deities

Battleground 4: Loss of selfhood to artificial emotions and gratifications.

Battleground 5: Stress-testing the Indian Rashtra.

Please visit aiandpower.com for more details on the book.


The book has received endorsements from several prominent personalities.

“I think various forces are at play… unless we begin with the dystopian view, we will not be galvanized into action. So I salute you for raising the alarm by stating those 5 battlegrounds, catching hold of people and telling them and saying that you got to do something, not because the world will necessarily go bad, but because it is a real risk and we must fight with all our might to resist it.”

Vallabh Bhanshali – Chairman, ENAM, Philanthropist and Spiritualist

“Rajiv has revealed the Rupa of what the world is going to be. He has performed seminal public service for those who believe in the sovereignty of an individual human being. We thank you for that… Rajiv has explained that the most dangerous organ harvesting that is going on is the harvesting of our mind and it is happening unconsciously without us realizing it. I predict that this book will be the most talked-about in 2021.”

Rakesh Kaul – Vice Chairman – Indo-American Arts Council

“Let me compliment you for writing this book at this stage of the game and discussing this very important question in the context of five battlegrounds. I think it is a great contribution and I am sure it will trigger very important conversations in society … I do hope that a lot of debate gets triggered as a result of this book which will be good for humanity at large.”

Dr. Anil Kakodkar – Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission of India, Retired

“Rajiv Malhotra’s brilliant book spells out for the first time the biggest Pavlovian subjugation that humanity has been trapped within. The clear and present danger to India and Indians has been enunciated lucidly. A 2021 must read for the public and policy makers alike.”

Usha Chaudhary – Corporate Executive, COO, CFO, CTO, Board Member / Senior Advisor

“Like most scholars in the Social Sciences, and just like most Hindu activists, I have been jolted into the world of tomorrow by Rajiv Malhotra’s latest book on Artificial Intelligence. His prior books on Sanskrit or the Breaking India forces contained new insights on familiar topics, but this here is, for us, a totally new frontline.”

Koenraad Elst – Indologist

Book Launch Event

The book launch event of Rajiv Malhotra’s new book, “Artificial Intelligence and the future of Power” witnessed some very interesting discussions amongst luminaries and subject matter experts from different segments on the impact of AI in their respective spheres and with particular reference to the book. The book was introduced by Kapish Mehra, CEO of Rupa Publications and moderated by Bhupendra Chaubey, Editor-in-Chief and CEO, India Ahead.

Rajiv Malhotra started with an introduction to the book, touching on the 5 battlegrounds, especially in an Indian context with the goal of provoking discussions, debate and action.

Vallabh Bhansali, leading capital markets expert and philanthropist said that the size and diversity of our population makes our data extremely valuable and said that India is terribly under-invested in technology.

Dr. Shailesh Kumar, chief data scientist in AI, Reliance Jio talked about data ownership and responsible usage.

Lt. General PJS Pannu, former deputy chief of Indian Integrated Defense Staff talked about data manipulation, the threat of China (through Pakistan) with their hybrid war on India, the destruction of the command and control structure by controlling peoples’ minds.

Swami Sarvapriyananda says that in terms of spirituality, there will be a number of disruptions and areas of concern, such as attention, concentration, focus, purification of the mind and other areas of human fulfilment.

Discussion with Usha Chaudhary

Rajiv Malhotra joins moderator Usha Chaudhary in a riveting discussion that took place at the Indo-American Arts Council Literary Festival 2020. Rajiv discusses in-depth each of the five battlegrounds in his book.

Discussion with Vijay Bhatkar

In this interesting conversation, Vijay Bhatkar, the father of India’s Super Computer discusses with Rajiv Malhotra, the future of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the world and technology. They talk about the implications of concerns highlighted in Rajiv Malhotra’s new book. They agree in particular on the problem of low R&D investment on India’s future, by both the government and private organizations as well as the fact that academics are not sufficiently involved in research but more focused on teaching.

Indian Military & Artificial Intelligence

Air Vice Marshal Bahadur questions General Pannu and Rajiv Malhotra in light of the latter’s recent book on the subject of artificial intelligence.

General Pannu provides a candid view into the current state of Indian defense, with particular reference to China and Pakistan, and the disruptive impact of AI, AR/VR and robotics that is beginning to unfold.

Discussion with Tech Leaders

What do the insiders of the AI revolution think of its social impact in light of Rajiv Malhotra’s path-breaking book on artificial intelligence?

In this engaging discussion with Rajiv Malhotra, moderated by Gopinath Kanchi, Computer Scientist, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore this theme and others were discussed in-depth. The guests included:

  • Vidyasagar, Fellow of the Royal Society, Former Director, Centre for AI and Robotics, DRDO
  • Prof P. R. Kumar, Regents Professor, University of Texas A&M
  • Shailesh Kumar, Chief Data Scientist, Reliance Jio

Conversation with Vallabh Bhanshali

In this lively conversation, Rajiv Malhotra discusses his AI book with Vallabh Bhanshali, eminent industrialist and philanthropist, and one of Mumbai’s top investors in the tech space.

They discuss a range of issues including the disruptive nature of AI, whether it would lead to unemployment, education system, China’s tech ascendency, Indian bureaucracy, and India’s R&D deficit.

Vallabh Bhanshali stresses the importance of national ambition in driving the national tech ambition.

Discussion with Infosys Head

Raghupathi Cavale, Head of Infosys India Business, gives his views on a range of issues including the social, economic and spiritual impact of AI discussed in Rajiv Malhotra’s book. They talk AI adoption with minimal disruption, India’s lost ground in AI despite its earlier lead in software and the number of STEM graduates it produces.

They cover a wide range of areas like India’s inability to harness Sanskrit grammar for computational linguistics and natural language processing like others have done, the startup ecosystem, military-industrial-academic complex, government’s role, data democracy, bias in AI algorithms and psychological manipulation of the masses, and the evolutionary nature of AI.

Discussion with Anil Kakodkar

Former Chairman of India’s Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Anil Kakodkar, had an interesting conversation on the recent book by Rajiv Malhotra. Dr. Kakodkar shared his views on where India stands today in cutting-edge technologies. He also talked about the raising the quality of individuals that will handle AI tools.

Discussion with AI Professionals

In this lively discussion Rajiv Malhotra engages with a panel of AI entrepreneurs and corporate professionals on the impact on jobs. Concrete ideas are proposed on what India should do to maximize the benefits of AI while avoiding the pitfalls.

IAS Training Academy Interview

Dr. Sanjeev Chopra, Director of Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration in Mussoorie, interviews Rajiv Malhotra on his AI book. Many important positions argued in the book are debated.

India’s Policies on AI & Big Data

Prachi Mishra, a scholar of public policy working at the top levels of the Indian government, interviews Rajiv Malhotra using her insights into India’s policies on AI and big data.

AI in Economics, Defense, Society, Spirituality

Rashtram School of Public Leadership organized a panel discussion moderated by Prashant Singh, where five prominent thought leaders and intellectuals discuss different aspects of AI in the context of Rajiv Malhotra’s book. The panelists were:

  • Gautam Sen – Former Prof. at London School of Economics
  • General Mukherjee – Former Director of National Defence College.
  • Prathosh A P – Asst. Professor IIT Delhi, AI expert and Sanskrit scholar
  • Prithwis Mukherjee – Author, academic and technology Innovator

Articles/ Media Coverage on AI Book

Short Animated Videos on AI

Infinity Foundation has produced short animated videos of 2 minutes duration on different aspects of AI. These videos highlight some of the major points of various topics described in the AI book and have been very well received by audiences.

  • Big Tech Bullies – Watch
  • The Death of Truth – Watch
  • Who manufactures the “truth”? – Watch
  • Is your Freedom of Expression artificial? – Watch
  • Big Tech Tyranny – Watch
  • How Apps and Digital Platforms gamify “you” – Watch
  • Moronization – Watch
  • Platforms decide the Truth – Watch
  • Models of Mind – Watch
  • Your “feelings” are worth Trillions of $$ – Watch
  • The Game called Life – Watch
  • A Machine called You – Watch

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