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Infinity Foundation has many ongoing projects. These projects can be checked by going directly to Infinity Foundation’s projects link

Also Infinity Foundation every year gives grants for various projects. To check out current and past grants or to apply for grants click here

About Infinity Foundation

The Infinity Foundation was created in 1994 by private endowment. The Foundation is a private non-operating foundation that has 2 major areas of giving:

1) Wisdom
2) Compassion

The Foundation is a registered 501(C)3 Nonprofit organization that is classified as a private foundation by the Internal Revenue Service. The Foundation is also a registered Non-profit charitable organization in the State of New Jersey. Infinity Foundation does not solicit public donations.

The Foundation provides two types of grants. One type is to nonprofit organizations in the following broad program areas: Charitable, Holistic Healing, Scientific, Religious, or Educational. The Foundation assists nonprofit organizations and public agencies committed to practices and policies that better the lives of all people. Under This type of grant, all work is done by the recipient and not by Infinity itself. this is because Infinity is a non-operating foundation.

In July of 1997, The Foundation submitted an additional request to the Internal Revenue Service to expand it purposes and mission to include creating, disseminating, and expanding a body of knowledge which clarifies or integrates philosophy, religion, science, psychology and non-traditional mystical disciplines; and bridging Eastern philosophies with Western thought. The Foundation received IRS approval for its expanded mission in December,1997. This ruling allows it to award grants to individuals for travel, study, fellowships or scholarships or for the production of a product which supports the expanded mission.

The Foundation provides national and international grants. All proposals are reviewed and approved by the Board Members of the Foundation. Applicable rules and regulations are followed with respect to the grants to foreign charities.