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Swadeshi Indology Conference Series comprise one of the activities of Infinity Foundation India. This series has been envisioned to counter the 250-year-old narrative of Western Indology, the genre of Orientalism that focuses on India. As is well known, Western Indology helped formulate and legitimise the British colonial policies and played a very crucial role in the successful colonisation and oppression of the Indian peoples; it very nearly destroyed the Sanātana Saṁskrti. The Swadeshi Indology Conference Series and publications intend to analyze and respond to the well-orchestrated, systematic attack on:

  • The Foundational Elements (the Veda-s, Upaniad-s, Itihāsa-s, and Purāa-s),
  • The Living Principles (the puruārtha-s and the varāśrama system),
  • The Cultural Manifestations (śāstra-s, kāvya-s, and  kalā-s) and
  • The sacredness of the still living articulations (art, temples, kumbha-mela, festivals, family and social-structures) – that embody sanātana dharma.

List of Videos of all the papers presented in SI-1 can be seen here.

List of Videos of all the papers presented in SI-2 can be seen here

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