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Three Scenarios for India’s Future:
Scenario A is that India’s fragments get taken over as parts of the West, Pan-Islam and China.
Scenario B is that Indian “culture” succeeds globally but Indian nation-state disappears. (“India is not a nation but a culture.”).
Scenario C is that India emerges as a thriving nation-state with its own civilization and helps the world.

INCULTURATION is evangelist policy to keep the native culture but replace the native religion with Christianity.

One man’s belief is another man’s superstition. “Rationality” is also a superstition, led to horrors that were recognized centuries later.

Houses of worship of organized, exclusivist religions are retail outlets. Part of a franchise scam to collect money and power in God’s name

Cultures originating in desert lack fertility of soil & mind. Not industrious. Spread by looting others, cultural colonialism & genocide.

Revolutions break the system short-term to strengthen the system long term. Every strong country went through this, but not India.

Gandhi is father of FREEDOM movement, which could have led to 500 independent states. Patel is father of UNITING India into a nation-state

Don’t waste time arguing about religious exclusivity with those who don’t understand HISTORY CENTRISM as the cause

भारत स्वयं अपनी एक विशिष्ट एवं एकीकृत सभ्यता है, जिसकी गहन मतभेदों का समाधान करने, विभिन्न संस्कृतियों, सम्प्रदायों, और दर्शनों के साथ रचनात्मक सम्बंध स्थापित करने, तथा मानवता की कई विविध धाराओं को शांतिपूर्वक समाहित करने की क्षमता सिद्ध हो चुकी है।

Quest for truth requires fearlessness and intelligence. Otherwise it is dogmatic quest as blind follower.

Western feminists and international human rights groups are hypocrites because for any social problem they can blame on Hinduism they love to start a campaign.

Intelligence without fearlessness is lame. Fearlessness without intelligence is dangerous. We need BOTH intelligence and fearlessness.